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Ph.D. in telecommunications,, with great knowledge and experience in ICT Industry,   Project Management (innovation and development), Data Centers, optic fiber Networks (national,   regional and metropolitan), Central Earth Stations and infrastructure development.   Work experience in multinationals, in evaluation,  implementation and operation of infrastructure   projects.  Strategic orientation. Leader with high analysis skills, change management and high   standard in the implementation. Investment Projects consultant, Telecommunication analyst.
Edison Salazar Bonilla
ICT Professional with prior experience in Colombian territory.    Extensive network of contacts in Telco Service Provider Industry.  
  • National management.                        
  • Established track record of exceptional results                     
  • Trilingual:  Spanish (native), English (advanced), Russian (full fluency)                        
  • Leadership skills
  • Cross-cultural background
  • Exceptional multi-tasker
  • Excellent communications skills                       
Tescos S.A.S., Bogotá, Colombia - November 2011 -  Present
Responsible for company positioning in it new phase , strategic direction and business   management, development of Professional Services Area to ICT operating companies
  • Lead the campaign for Academic Training.
  • Lead opening of new activities areas of the company.
  • Strategic planning and maintenance plans of information systems.
  • Consulting for new networks and IP services using satellite technology.     
Medidores Técnica Equipos S.A.  - July 2.012  - Octuber 2.013
Work in public procurement processes in the areas of systems , telecommunications computer .   Management of new business according to company's profile.   Director of Research and Development   Center "Verifylab"
  • Lead a part of the procurement process for Government entities.
  • Technical advising on issues relating to systems engineering , telecommunications and computers .   Monitoring plans and contingency systems  
  • Management, organization , relaunching the Research and Development Centr, organizing internal information to request official recognition of Research and Development Centr "Verifylab "    
D-Link de Colombia S.A.S. - October 2008 - July 2011
Responsible for Commercial Management  by Services Telecommunication companies (Telcos).   Setting strategy, implementing tactics in order to meet and increase the company's position in   the Telecommunication Sector and Information.
  • Lead trade relations and expanding the product portfolio towards Telecommunication companies   and Service providers in the IT sector in the country.
  • Lead human group consisting of technical personnel to solve the needs of pre-sales and technical support with staff ready in Medellin and Cali.     
Tescos Ltda - November 2005- July 2008
Responsible for the establishment of the company and define its objects, the start of commercial   operations, achieving customer base, as well as expanding the portfolio of services.
  • Lead, propose establishment of a new fiber-optic network on fibres that are part of the network   on high-voltage lines. Project was sold to major telecommunications operator.
  • Lead a new data network at the national level, to make  connections between the center of the country and landing-points of Sea  of submarine cables in the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Colombia.  
  • Participation in the establishment of new networks and IP services using satellite technology.   
Level3 Colombia S.A.  (Former Globalcrossing Colombia/ImpSat) - 2000-2005
Responsible for the development of network infrastructure, maintenance and growth of the   covering at national level, management of the annual budget, control of services; for the   processes of internal audit and insurance of the services quality.
Verizon Colombia S.A. (Former Mtel /MCI-WorlCom Colombia) - 1994
Responsible technician of the national paging network for the Skytel service.
Level3 Colombia S.A.  (Former Globalcrossing Colombia/ImpSat) - 1995-2005
Responsible for the analysis, design, budget management of strategic projects, implementation.
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - 1989-1991
Responsible for the coordination on behalf of the Section, tutorship to students and   responsible for laboratories.
Ph.D. Moscow Informatics and Telecommunications University, Telecommunications and Informatics   Engineering, Aug 1988
M.Sc. Moscow Informatics and Telecommunications University, Telecommunications and Informatics   Engineering, Jun 1984
B.Sc. Moscow Informatics and Telecommunications University, Telecommunications and Informatics   Engineering, Jun 1984
Additional Information and Documents
  • Diplomas
Radiocommunications and Radiobroadcasting Engineer, MTUCI, 1984;
M.Sc., MTUCI, 1984;
Ph.D. in Technical Sciencies, MTUCI, 1988.                      
  • Certifications                    -
Multinational companies
Research Entities
Colombian Companies
  • Papers
Algoritms (Russian)
Radiometeorological zones in Colombia (Spanish)
Radioelectrical coefficient in Colombia (Spanis)
Movility in celular and fixed telephone networks (Spanish)
Trends in Communications in new century (Spanish)
Radiometeorological zones in Colombia (English)                    
  • Social Activities
Fundación Padres por Siempre;
ACER Soyuz.
More About Edison Salazar B.
  • Research Interests
Propagation in tropical conditions
Antenna Synthesis
  • Additional Studies                    -
PDD Inalde Universidad de la Sabana 2.005;
Interconexion  UIT;2003.
Businesses                    -
Tescos - Cloud Services Online Store
Tescos - Professional Services & Infrastructure
Tescos - EstudieEnRusia - University Studies in Russian Federation

Minority Shareholder - Coomeva EPS    
Contact:  Mob +57 3105613132
Email:  esalazar@edisonsalazar.org
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